As Japan is much more open about portraying homosexuality in kids news

As Japan is much more open about portraying homosexuality in kids news

As Japan is much more open about portraying homosexuality in kids news

than lots of countries from inside the West, [1] [2] a number of homosexual affairs showed up in the Sailor Moon collection. It should be mentioned that not all continuities overlap on this topic, but several figures who have been provided as homosexual in one single continuity are not recommended as a result in others.

In a set with a mostly female cast, relationships amongst the babes, genuine or envisioned, had been unavoidable.


The following are figures with a lesbian intimate direction which was made clear in collection’ canon.

Uranus and Neptune

The only two openly homosexual Senshi of this collection, their particular union was canon both in the anime and manga. They certainly were in a relationship off their first looks and were very truthful about it. Haruka flirted along with other women frequently (particularly Usagi), and Michiru periodically flirted with men, nonetheless they are focused on both. They later on became infant Hotaru’s “mama” and “papa.”

Star Fighter

Seiya’s fascination with Usagi in both the anime and manga might be seen as right, but his natural type was feminine, and his affections seemed equally strong as Sailor Superstar Fighter. It will be also noted that into the manga, it had been very greatly suggested that Superstar Fighter (exactly who, as with any the Sailor Starlights, simply cross-dressed to disguise by herself as a boy in the manga) got an unrequited love for Princess Kakyuu; this passion has also been, but much less seriously, implied during the anime. When you look at the Korean dub, Seiya turned into a woman in civilian kind and his commitment with Usagi was developed into a homosexual partnership.

Follower Canon

The subsequent was conjecture among lovers about possible homosexual/bisexual orientation among characters, through situation and innuendo, definitely frequently observed in buff canon.


Ami Mizuno is a “late bloomer” when it found relationship furfling desktop, creating some fans to translate the girl connections making use of the various other babes as crushes. Based on some buff ideas, Dark Mercury of cute protector Sailor moonlight got an unrequited crush on Usagi and therefore acted as a jilted lover. But she performed show interest in men on a less daily basis as compared to some other interior Senshi, and did actually look after Nephrite’s peoples form, possibly as a parallel with the uncertain partnership between dark colored Mercury and Nephrite.


Makoto Kino’s failure to settle their attentions made some lovers imagine that she was in the dresser. Into the anime, she 2 times blushed increasingly after watching upwards Sailor Mercury’s skirt, but which was the sole proof revealed. She furthermore seemed to have actually an enchanting crush on Haruka, at a spot when she ended up being alert to Haruka’s real sex, in episode 96, but in truth she just wished to being like her (which, a stronger, separate lady, not necessarily a lesbian). In Pretty protector Sailor moonlight, she in the course of time outdated Motoki and acknowledged his suggestion at the conclusion of the particular operate.

Rei Hino had been straight within the anime, but in quite protector Sailor Moon, she have got to getting extremely near to Minako Aino. Some lovers translate her relationship to become nearer than simple friendship. These fans theorize that the only reason it is not canon is because the live-action series was intended as a children’s show, hence the subtleties and ambiguities (e.g. insignificant behaviour, unique zoomed in photos, etc, that have been perhaps not said to be noticed by young children but by her mothers watching using them) within their connections as noticed in the tv show. Rei was also been shown to be near Minako inside the manga, but any such thing beyond which conjecture.

Aluminum Seiren and Lead Crow

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow were revealed for the anime to express a prickly friendship where Lead Crow got protective of, and exasperated by, the scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Some lovers have chosen to take Lead Crow’s affections on her behalf functioning companion as proof for them are lovers, and proof of the lady having an unrequited love for Aluminum Seiren. These followers in addition often explain that we now have parallels between these characters and Zoisite and Kunzite – in the two cases the less knowledgeable of these two got murdered by their unique frontrunner in spite of the pleas associated with the more knowledgeable one, once the more experienced of the two later died they called the actual other’s title.

Luna and Artemis

From inside the French dub associated with anime, both Luna and Artemis had been feminine once they first appeared, which suggested they are lesbians. But Artemis is later named a male in consequent periods.

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