Relationships in Norway: the Strangest situations merely Norwegian boys state

Relationships in Norway: the Strangest situations merely Norwegian boys state

Relationships in Norway: the Strangest situations merely Norwegian boys state

Each one of these tend to be genuine, either practiced by me personally or several of my feminine pals. Okay okay, some I constructed, not too lots of in fact. Hey, nobody stated it actually was illegal for a tiny bit creativity you can look at to think those we made however, good test to understand whether you know Norwegian people better, or whether you know me better.

1. would you like to have actually family beside me? If not, let me know. Im 35, virtually no time to get rid of along with you.

2. How many times each week would you prepare?

3. do you wish to become my venn med fordell? Me: Your what? Man: Friend with value, you are sure that, gender.

4. will you including friluftsliv?

5. Dont stand very close to my vehicle. Its a Tesla you are aware, extremely expensive.

6. Are you drunk? What i’m saying is intoxicated adequate never to recall that which we go for about doing?

7. Which nation do you really originate from? Oh We have a that nation colored currently on my business chart of beginnings of girls I experienced gender with. If you know any lady from Fiji, North Korea or Romania let me know, i’m interested!

8. chap: can you go far from Oslo? woman: To where eg? Man: with the town in Trondelag we grew up in and reside 30 meters from my mothers. You are sure that, in regards to our teenagers to develop right up in general and products. Female: Whats your title once again? Man: Nevermind.

9. it had been this type of a koselig nights we invested together dont you think?

10. On the waiter: No were spending different. To me: You had a glass or two more than me, dont disregard to pay whatever you got this evening. Me, quietly: Screw likestilling.

11. I like the whale hamburger here, you ought to get that.

12. Want to snus?

13. chap: Which book from Knausgard do you actually favor? Me: I dont know, I havent study them. Chap: (shocked) You dont read Knausgard? But what will you review next?

14. Exactly why are your so small? Can there be an inherited complications inside family?

15. would you consume lutefisk?

16. Want to being a Norwegian citizen? You need to? Norway is the foremost devote worldwide you are sure that.

18. Oh youre that French girl exactly who produces about Norwegians. What amount of readers do you actually have every week. Wow so many? Are you able to discuss me?

19. Understanding the 5-year plan?

20. Do you hurt your self when I banged the lonely women looking for men cup home within face? Oh you forecast us to contain the home for your needs? Sweety, this might be Norway, ladies are maybe not handled like little ones right here, they might be anticipated to keep and carry anything by themselves. Its also known as gender equality. (Again, screy your gender equality often).

This is exactly mainly as to what Norwegian males state, when you have any input on strange situations Norwegian female say on times, feel my personal guest and make contact with myself together with your ideas! Furthermore, if you have other input on products men state, bring it on. Mention: it was determined by a-twitter competition also known as #FirstDateQuestions.

Would like to know a lot more about online dating Norwegians? Check out my personal guide right here!

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54 thoughts on Dating in Norway: the Strangest products merely Norwegian people say

I Really consider 1 and 2 were sensible

om nom nom, whale

I possibly couldnt choose one that seemed made-up. Truly. They’re just like that!

1 5 and 14 , was my guess that your put your creativity ?? Norwegians are typically diplomatic in this situation and dont chat it out additionally we saw significant all of them who like smaller babes

I really could say the no.14 are real. My better half (Norwegian) really did it whenever we are online dating :). Not exactly equivalent phrase, but he was wondering precisely why Im very small and he has always been 30cm lonely although we mentioning a walk.

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